Vicari's Palace at Scarperia (italiano)

Palazzo dei Vicari
Vicari's Palace

The Palace, whose origin come back to the 14th century, has had substantial extensions since 1415, when Scarperia became "Vicarious Seat". In fact the arrangement of the vaulted atrium and the rooms on the first floor come back to the XV century. In 1542, because of a terrible earthquake, great repairing interventions were made, which gave the Palace the present appearance. Further earthquakes and restorations occurred during the following centuries (1611 -1960).

The facade, as well the interior, is decorated with numerous coats of arm, because the Vicar, after six months stay in Scarperia, was obliged to leave the emblem of his family. The emblems on the facade in fired - glassed clay are particularly interesting, because they come from the Florentine workshop of " Della Robbia"

In the atrium, among the numerous frescoes of the XIV century, "Saint Thomas Incredulity" and "Madonna in throne with Saints". On the stair landing, leading to the first floor, there is a gigantic Saint Christopher of the beginning of the XV century.

Upstairs, in the first room, you can find a "Madonna with the Child and Saint". It is a work coming from the Florentine School of Ghirlandaio. The big delegation-room is completely covered with coats of arm, and in the lower part there is a painted draping. The adjacent rooms were the Vicar's apartment.

Going on with the visit, in the northern wing of the Palace, you can visit the "Museum of the cutting tools", established in 1999.

Madonna con Bambino e Santi  del Ghirlandaio
Ghirlandaio, Madonna con Bambino e Santi
Sala del Consiglio
Sala del Consiglio

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